Graben to Grand Canal in Pictures


Photo-book of a walk from Vienna to Venice

(complements the book ‘The Alpine Diary ‘)
Photo-book published December 2011 223 Digital Photographs 12 Maps


Vienna to Venice: the words have a nice alliteration about them. By road, the distance separating the two cities is somewhere between 450 and 500 kilometres depending on the route. Motorways skirt around or pass under the mountain barrier. In a car driven at reasonable speed, modern travel time is eight hours from one to the other – perhaps less. By train and due to the broadly east-west grain of the landscape, the journey takes a little longer. On foot, meandering across the main ridges and valleys of the eastern Alps, it needs not hours but days. Or – to be exact – thirty-seven days of walking and three days interspersed amongst them to clean up, dry out and rest muscles. These 223 digital photographs and 12 maps are a pictorial illustration of the book, ‘The Alpine Diary of Robert Johnson’.